Summer Training ’16

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If you missed out in June, we are taking new runners in July!

Group 1:  Mondays at Drakes Creek Park (7:30-8:30), Wednesdays at Moss Wright Park (7:30-8:30), Fridays at Drakes Creek Park (7:30-845)

Group 2: Mondays at Drakes Creek Park (8:30-9:30) and Wednesdays at Moss Wright Park (8:30-9:30)

Our first group will consist of runners who have at least a basic to advanced running background and are able to run at least three miles with very little walking.  In June, we had runners ranging from rising fourth graders through tenth grade. Our training will consist primarily of easier and moderate running, combined with a little bit loosely structured speed workouts, speed development and some strength work to prepare for the upcoming cross country season.  Fridays will serve as our long run days.

Our second group will consist of runners who are a little more “green” running wise or are even brand new to the sport.  This past June, our grades ranges from kindergarten through rising fifth graders. Practices will consist of easy running/conditioning, semi-structured intervals, running games, and light strength and conditioning.


July Fees

Group 1: $75 all three days during the week, $50 for two days a week and $30 for once weekly.

Group 2: $50 for both days during the week, $30 for once weekly.

*Siblings discounts are 25%*

Feel free to email if you have any questions!